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Fix the e-BLEACH device by using the cover clip

There are several ways to finally fix your e-BLEACH device in the plastic of an existing Guide.
The best way to do this is by using the removed cover clip like explained in this section.

Cut the clip

Use Scissors or a side cutter to cut the clip you removed before into two pieces.

Prepare the clip

Take the plastic cover you removed before from the guide and cut it with a tool like a (saw; side cutter; cutting wheel; scissors; etc) in two pieces like illustrated in the image. The important piece is the part having the hooks.

Insert e-BLEACH connector

Insert the connector board of the e-BLEACH device like displayed in the picture.

Insert the clip

Clip in the left over piece of the plastic cover clip. It should go all the way in and hold the connector board firmly inside the Guide.

Prepared Guide

Now the device should look like in the above picture and be ready to be connected to the Lamp.