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General description and warnings

In this chapter you can find general information about the e-BLEACH devices.


Every person involved with the installation, operation and maintanance of this device has to
- be qualified
- follow the instructions of this manual
- consider this manual to be part of the total product
- keep this manual to be part of the total product
- pass this manual on every further owner or user of the product
- download the latest version of the user manual from the Internet

e-BLEACH - infinity

The 'e-BLEACH - infinity' is a replacement chip for the Guide of the "ZOOM! Advanced Power" bleaching device. It is designed to enable the lamp for test purposes. It is made in a way where you can always reset the state of the chip to its four times 15 minutes of usage. Like this it is possible to always use the Lamp without the need to always exchange the Guides after using them for 60 minutes.

e-BLEACH - 10x4

The 'e-BLEACH - 10x4' is the little brother of the 'e-BLEACH - infinity' for occasional users of the UV lamp. It is a lot cheaper but in the same way limited to nine renew cycles. Like this it is possible to enable the Lamp for ten hours. IT is also designed for people who want to test the performance of the chip.