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Renew Device to the next cycle

Reading "REPLACE GUIDE" in the display after using it for four sessions requieres a renew procedure which is described in this manual chapter.

e-BLEACH - infinity

Having the 'e-BLEACH - infinity' you can renew your device as often as you like. Even if you only used the device for one session you can always renew it to the full four sessions.

e-BLEACH - 10x4

Please be aware that the renewal process will decrement the amount of cycles you have left on your device.
For security reasons you cannot loose a cycle if you do the renewal process twice. But as soon you used the chip for at least one minute with every renewal process you will loose the time and sessions still available of your current cycle.

Switch off the lamp or remove the guide from the lamp

If you want to be safe please switch off the lamp or detach the guide from the head of the lamp during the renewal process.

1. Press renew button and hold it pressed

2. Press the reset button shortly while keeping the renew button pressed

Finalize the renewal

After releasing the finger from the reset button the LED will doubleflash followed by a long flash to show that the renewal process was performed. Now you can release the renew button as well.
If you have the 'e-BLEACH 10x4' and no more cycle left it will only doubleflash and will not renew anymore (there will be no long flash).

Caution: If you do a renew twice, without using the chip on the lamp, you won't see the long flash either but it will be still operational.