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Safety instructions

The device has left our premises in absolutely perfect condition. In order to maintain this condition and to ensure a safe operation, it is absolutely necessary for the user to follow the safety instructions and warning notes written in this user manual.

Keep away from heaters and other heating sources!
If the device has been exposed to drastic temperature fluctuation (e.g. after transportation), do not switch it on immediately. The arising condensation water might damage your device. Leave the device switched off until it has reached room temperature.
Please note that damages caused by manual modifications on the device or unauthorized operation by unqualified persons are not subject to warrenty,
Keep away children and amateurs from the device and batteries!

Operation Determinations

Batteries are hazardous waste which need to be disposed of appropriately. If the device is to be disposed, the batteries have to be removed first.
Make sure that the poles are correct when inserting the batteries.
Never let batteries lying around openly as there is the danger that these can be swallowed by children or domestic animals. Immediately consult a doctor when batteries are swallowed!
Leaking or damaged batteries can cause irritations when getting into contact with the skin. In this case use appropriate protective gloves.
Make sure that the batteries cannot be short-circuited, thrown into the fire and be charged. There is a danger of explosion.
Never put any liquids on the device or close to it. Should any liquid enter the device nevertheless, disconnect from mains immediately and remove the batteries. Please let the device be checked by a qualified service technician before you operate it again. Any damages caused by liquids having entered the device are not subject to warranty!
When choosing the installation-spot, please make sure that the device is not exposed to extreme heat, moisture or dust. There should not be any cables lying around. You endanger your own and the safety of others!
Do not operate the device in extremely hot (more than 35° C) or extremely cold (less than 5° C) surroundings. Keep away from direct insulation (particularly in cars) and heaters.
Operate the device only after having familiarized with its functions. Do not permit operation by persons not qualified for operating the device. Most damages are the result of unprofessional operation!
If the device will not be used for a longer period of time, remove the batteries in order to avoid battery leakage.
Never use solvents or aggressive detergents in order to clean the device! Rather use a soft and damp cloth.
Please consider that unauthorized modifications on the device are forbidden due to safety reasons!
If this device will be operated in any way different to the one described in this manual, the product may suffer damages and the guarantee becomes void. Furthermore, any other operation may lead to dangers like short- circuit, burns, electric shock, etc.

Exclusion of liability:

We are not liable for any property damage or damage to persons.
This device is designed only for test purposes or demonstration.